Extra TV - All The Nitty Gritty Details

The television show, Extra, debuted long back in 1994. Since its inception, it has focused on entertainment news and covering celebrities. The television show covers any and every news in the show biz whether it be films, television, popular music, health, lifestyle or everything in between. The show is shot in multiple location in Universal Studios and the Universal CityWalk in Hollywood. It is filmed in front of a live audience and is currently being hosted by Mario Lopez, Charissa Thompson, and Tracey Edmonds. Sign up for one of the these cable TV packages and never miss an episode of Extra TV.

The program was initially supposed to be named, Entertainment News Television (ENT). However, hearing the news, E! : Entertainment Television went to court, implicating Warner Bros. of naming the show’s name too similar to its channel name. They feared that the similar names would hurt their business interests. This did not make for a strong argument in the court and Warner Bros. won the case and continued with the original name. However, the name had to be changed anyway before the launch. The reason was that ENT was too similar to ET or Entertainment Tonight, which was hugely popular. The producers were of the view that this may lead to confusion in the audiences and the show getting lost. This was when the name Extra: The Entertainment Magazine came to be. The show aired for 20 minutes on weekdays and 45 minutes on weekends.

The show was initially shot in Glendale, California. It was later shifted to The Grove in Los Angeles to eventually land at its current location. It was originally produced by Time-Telepictures Television, a merger between Telepictures production and Time Magazine. It also saw some other producers like Nuell Riley Productions and Tinseltown Entertainment in the period between 1994 and 1998. Since 2003, the original two producers have been involved. The distribution rights of the show have always been with Warner Bros. Television Distribution. Extra holds the distinction of being one of the two shows to be syndicated to NBC Universal television stations.

The show has now been running for more than 10 years with 7 episodes a week for all of its twenty seasons till date. It has seen its fair share of hosts that have come and gone. In 1994-2000, the show saw a number of hosts carrying forward the show for both the weekday as well as the weekend editions. These included Arthel Neville, Dave Nemeth, Brad Goode, Libby Weaver, Maureen O’Boyle and Jon Kelley. After 2001, Mieke Buchan, Carrie Keagan, Dayna Devon, Mark McGrath, Adrianna Costa, Shark Firestone, and Tania Rau have taken over the charge of the show, at different times.  Michael Corbett has also hosted the show on and off since its inception. Mario Lopez has been pretty much the face of the show since 2007. Many of his co-hosts have come and gone, but he has held his post. In 2011, he was joined by Maria Menounos. However, in 2014 rumors of a rift between the co-stars started doing the rounds. 

Though, this news was never confirmed, Maria did leave the show. There was also reports that she was fired, but no official confirmation has been ever made confirming this rumor. The show producers and Maria stuck to the story of a mutual separation, and Maria went on to star in a reality show about her own life. The co-hosts Mario and Maria did have a good chemistry that helped the show. After her exit, the present co-hosts, Charissa and Tracey joined Mario’s and they have been at the helm of the affairs at Extra ever since. The new co-hosts are no novices either and have glorious credentials of their own. Travey Edmonds is a business woman and runs a production company of her own. She even has her own show being aired on OWN. Charissa Thompson, on the other hand, has been a host on Fox Sports 1.

The show is a respected name in the entertainment industry and big stars have always made a beeline to be a part of the daily show. Whether it is the launch of a new album, the release of a new movie or kick-off for a new television show, Extra is the place you are definitely going to spot them. The show does not film in a single location anymore. Instead, a number of backdrops that may range from Las Vegas to Times Square in New York, can often be seen in the show.

Whether you want to know the release of the latest album of your favorite pop singer, or the exit of a character from a beloved TV show, Extra gets the scoop first. Its various correspondents report from different locations to make for an interesting watch. They break the news about your favorite celebrities and the latest scoops in a completely different style that makes the show unique in its own right. The show is not only popular in the United States, but is watched eagerly in Canada and Australia, where it is aired only on weekdays. The weekend edition is not broadcasted in regions outside of the USA. The show is so popular that even the reruns of the show manage to pull a huge audience.

Extra is unarguably one of the most highly rated shows on today’s television, which are shot in front of a live audience. The public visiting the theme park or the fans of the show can always be a part of it. The show includes interviews and performance by pop icons, A-list movie actors, TV celebrities, among other news makers. They can see their beloved stars up, close and personal. Moreover, there are a number of live performances, apart from the chance to click pictures, get autographs and talk to the show’s popular hosts. Not only this, the show is also known for giving goodies away to the members of the live audience. These may include movie tickets, movie souvenirs, and so on. This makes the show a little special for the audience.

In 2014, an Outstanding Entertainment News Program was introduced for the Daytime Emmy awards. To no one’s surprise, Extra grabbed the award. The show has a total staff of over 150 working seven days a week from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Universal Studios in the entertainment capital itself. In its twenty first season, the show has definitely become a landmark show in its own right.